Jim Dalrymple Retiring

Though long-time Apple commentator, Jim Dalrymple, has been doing his thing for around 30 years, I was introduced to him around 2010. I was in the military at the time and he was a guest on Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech or MacBreak Weekly podcast. I didn’t know who this big-bearded guy was but I thought he was pretty knowledgable about Apple and brought some humor to the podcast.

This week Jim announced his retirement from writing at his website The Loop.

When you’re stuck on a remote post in Germany or the Middle East with the most recent Apple podcast downloaded to your iPhone 3GS, having that comfort of home is something that cannot be replicated. Technology has always been my comfort zone and Jim Dalrymple played a pretty large part of that.

I never met Jim and never directly communicated with him but he seemed like a very normal guy. From his interest in music to his love for Heineken beer, Jim is more than just a guy that writes about Apple and technology.

I know he isn’t completely finished in the tech space but it is sad when some of your favorites decide to hang it up. Cheers to you, Jim! Thanks for the memories!

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