Still Using the iPhone 12 mini

It has been a year and a few months since the iPhone 12 mini has been released and I am proud to say I am still using it.

For years I have been wanting to keep an iPhone longer than a year- I know, what a privileged problem to have. None of my other tech is upgraded every year because it is just not needed. The iPhone is so easily justified because of how much I use it day-to-day.

It really wasn’t about money but more so about being intentional about upgrading technology. Like I mentioned, I have been using years old MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad, and AirPods. The iPhone was the only thing getting me every year.

The iPhone 12 mini has been one of my favorite phones because it is the perfect size. I would love a mini phone with the Pro features, of course. But from the sounds of it, the mini phone may be something of the past. I contemplated upgrading to the 13 mini since it may be one of last mini iPhones but other than battery, there just wasn’t enough there for me to upgrade. I did also give the 13 Pro a shot. It was a fantastic phone but I cannot get past the size of the mini. I am kind of worried that because the iPhone 13 was such a small upgrade that that may be the reason I didn’t upgrade this year.

From here on out, I really do plan on holding onto my phones longer. I use an iPhone XR for work and I get so much done on that. It just goes to show that you don’t need the latest and greatest to get what you need out of your tech-at least for most of us.

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