Review – mophie snap+ juice pack mini

Finally! One of my favorite battery pack companies released some MagSafe charging products. This is the one I have been waiting on, a MagSafe battery pack.

What this is is an external battery pack that charges your phone wirelessly. On top of that it uses the iPhone 12 line of phones new MagSafe feature to magnetically attach to the phone. There are plenty of these out on the market but really only one other one from a reputable brand like Anker.

This is a 5,000 mAh battery pack and mophie advertises that this will give you 100% extra battery. For my iPhone 12 mini, this was not a problem. I cannot speak to how this would work on larger battery phones but I do think it will give you plenty of charge.

The design isn’t bad…unless you have the 12 mini. When on the 12 mini, it extends past the bottom of the phone which can be dealt with. The goofy part is, and I don’t know how this was overlooked, but it obstructs the wide-angle lens on the rear camera of the iPhone 12 mini. On my wife’s 12 Pro Max, it was fine but on the mini, you will have to remove it to use the default camera. It has a fabric-like texture and feels good in the hand. Obviously this will add some weight to your setup but for the extra battery, it was well worth it.

This thing is strong. I use Apple’s MagSafe leather case and it attached perfectly fine and had a great hold. Not once did I think this was going to fall off. These magnets are impressive. Compared to Anker’s offering of a similar product, this is an actual MagSafe accessory and gives you the MagSafe animation when attached.

The battery pack gets recharged by USB-C, which is nice.

Overall, for $50, this thing does what it says. I do really like the design, but I feel like the oversight on covering the camera on the mini is a little concerning. I do still think there is a market for an actual battery case that mophie has been known for. The case you can keep on all day and turn on when needed. A battery pack, whether MagSafe or not, is still something you need to remember to pack for the day.

You can pick up the snap+ juice pack mini from mophie for $49.99.

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