Relationship Reflections

A very good friend of mine, that I served with in the Air Force, just released the Kindle version of his book, Relationship Reflections. Matthew Glikman, who writes over at Journeyman’s Legacy, has compiled some great thought-provoking ideas and philosophies in the new book.

I was fortunate enough to read it early on and happy that he is reaching the masses through publication.

Description from Amazon:

“Lessons learned should be lessons that are shared. Relationships are as complicated as they are diverse. You might find yourself in situations that are uncomfortable or difficult to understand and when that time comes, it is best to be open minded and prepared. It is my hope that the philosophies shared in this book, will guide you towards a better understanding of relationships so that your experiences, good or bad, will always be rewarding.”

Pick up Matthew Glikman’s book Relationship Reflections here!

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