How Do You Get Your Information?

If this past year has taught me anything, it is to distance myself from social media as much as possible. Especially Facebook. I still have a Facebook account for work purposes but have not used my personal Facebook in months. The reason is because of the misinformation. From COVID and election misinformation to the straight up hate that is being spewed, it is a sad sad place.

So how do I receive my news and information?

When it comes to news, I have a select few blogs that I regularly visit for Apple and technology news:

A few of my favorite podcasts I look forward to for news and information are:

I also use an app called Newsify as an RSS reader to bring all of the tech news outlets into one place. I check that way too often throughout the day.

For general news, I have really enjoyed the Apple News Today podcast and Apple News app for latest news and my magazines.

In regards to keeping up with family, I heavily rely on text messaging and Instagram. Yes, I know Facebook owns Instagram but Instagram is so much more enjoyable with less negativity. I do have to go out of my way more to receive this information but if I am curious about something, I will get the answer from someone.

How do you retrieve your information? Websites? Podcasts? Television? Apps? Let me know on twitter!

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