To My 1-Year-Old

The fact that you are one-year-old today is mind-blowing. What a year it has been.

I’ll never forget the moment you were put into my arms. It was the most scary yet most peaceful time in my life. Your mom was getting stitched up, the doctors had you cleaned up, and the rest of the family was waiting to meet you. Alone with you, in that moment, I knew life would never be the same.

The first year wasn’t easy. But it was all so worth it.

The first few weeks were hard. We weren’t sure when we were going to get our next bit of sleep and we were still learning to be parents. I cannot tell you how many articles I read and how many times I Googled, “When does it get better?” And, like all the articles say, eventually it does. But until then, I wasn’t so sure.

Our nights consisted of me and your mom taking turns carrying you around the apartment, because the moment we stopped, you weren’t having it. The witching hour is real, you tought us that. We also took shifts with you. One of us would go to sleep at 6PM to midnight and then switch out for the next six hours. It was rough, but we made it work. We could not have done this without the help of your grandparents and our friends. We were eating well, even when we didn’t feel like it, and we had plenty of relief when we needed a nap.

We weren’t sure if we were doing anything right. But I kept saying how fortunate we were compared to a lot of people to have the support that we did. Today, I can tell you that we did something right to get where we are.

Your mom is a rockstar. I know it sounds cliche, but I could not have done this without her. When I have questions she answers them. The pain and suffering she went through was more than I would have liked yet I know she would do it over and over again to be where we are today. We are the best team and are constantly learning and growing together.

Eventually, we got into a routine and settled into our new home. Buying a house and moving with a newborn seemed insane at the time, but you made it as easy at it could have been. You started sleeping in your bassinet for longer stretches at night and relaxing with us on the couch.

Soon enough, we were putting you in your own room. Though you still woke up two times a night, me and your mom finally got evenings to ourselves. We needed that break.

After you started sleeping through the night, my question was answered, it got better. You were in a better mood and in a great routine. Your mom and I were in a better mood because we were sleeping and having genuine fun with you.

Seeing you progress by lifting your head, rolling, crawling, eating solid foods, and now walking is amazing. People aren’t lying when they say how fast the years go by.

We love spending the mornings, evenings and weekends with you. You are such a funny boy.

Here we are, celebrating your first birthday. I could not be more proud to be your dad. Your mom and I always talk about the future and wonder what you will be like. But for now, we are soaking in today. Happy Birthday buddy!

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