AirPods Pro

I wrote this four months ago and just never got around to posting it. Here you go.

My first generation AirPods are still alive and well but the three year old battery in them is starting to show its age. They will hardly stay charged for longer than an hour at a time. I decided I wanted an upgrade for my birthday. I wanted to get the AirPods Pro. And I did. So, why did I end up with the 2nd generation AirPods instead? Let’s find out.

My wife wanted me to get the Pros because of the Transparency mode for when I am out on a run on the road. I thought that would be a great idea, to stay a little safer out there. I would have been fine with just an updated model of what I had because they worked just fine and were a lot less costly. I remember spending the $160 on my original AirPods and thinking how crazy that was. It turned out that they were worth every penny. But to fork out $250 for the AirPods Pro? I was only ok with it as a birthday gift.

My absolute favorite thing about the Pros were the look of them. They are significantly smaller than the regular AirPods, have shorter stems, and overall don’t look as silly.

They fit great in my ears. Almost a little too great. But that’s no fault of the AirPods themselves. They are made to go in your ear and make a seal. One thing I loved about my old AirPods were how easy they were to remove when you had to. The Pros were a little tougher because they fit so well in the ear.

So this is all great but as I mentioned earlier, I’m using the 2nd generation AirPods, not the Pros. Why?

These things made me dizzy.

Yeah, as bizarre as that sounds, it’s true. From the minute I put them in and told my wife to talk while I tested the Active Noise Cancelling feature, I knew I had a problem. When a noise would come from the outside, my equilibrium would be completely thrown off. But even with the Noise Cancelling and Transparency features off, the seal that it was making was making me feel nauseated. So I tested the seal multiple times with Apple’s own fit test with no luck. I tried the three different ear tips to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Nope, still felt off.

I then went to Google to see if this was a common occurrence. I wasn’t alone. I wouldn’t say it was common but there were people out there who were having the same issue with noise cancelling headphones and earbuds.

Back to Apple they went. I was extremely disappointed because they sounded amazing. That sound just wasn’t worth it to me when I would start feeling nauseous.

I would still recommend these to someone because I am in the minority here. When buying any piece of tech, make sure there is a good return policy in place in case you run into an issue such as this.

I will be following this up with my thoughts on the second generation AirPods. I will tell you I am glad that they exist or I wouldn’t be using any type of AirPods.

What worries me are the rumors that the next lower-priced AirPods are going to be smaller and look more like the Pros. If they are in-ear earbuds, that will be disappointing for those who have issues with the Pros.

You can pick-up the AirPods Pro from Amazon for usually under $250.

Thank you for stopping by!

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