Phone Usage

Matthew Glikman writing for Journeyman’s Legacy:

That little dopamine hit you get when your phone goes off, whether it is someone sending you a text message or getting a like on something you posted on your Facebook or Instagram page or engaging in battle on Clash of Clans, will fade quickly. You will probably jump on again shortly after to get another hit. You keep doing it, but you are missing what it will likely cost in the long run. Experiencing life. Real physical and emotional connections with others.

I’m with Glikman on this. Since my son was born I have really been trying to use my phone less because him and my wife need and deserve all of my attention. We all can be better about it.

I’m contemplating downgrading my phone to get something less attractive to fight that addiction. I love tech, and I think the smart phone is one of the greatest innovations. You can still be a tech enthusiast and not have the best of the best with your nose in a phone. Limiting social media usage and using the phone as a tool is what I am trying to aim for.

I do plan on writing more on this in the future but Glikman nailed it.

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