Memorial Day

I’m not going to make this some sappy post, because trust me, I thought about it.

While this years Memorial Day celebrations may impact large gatherings, I will celebrate the ones that allowed us to continue living life. I’ll have that beer, I’ll have that hot dog, and by golly, I’m going to have a hamburger to go along with it.

It is what they would have wanted.

Doing these things is literally what they fought for. They would not want us sulking around. And without a doubt, in the military, you always better be ready for a party.

Instead, do what you do with intention. As you’re drinking that beer, drink it for that gal who drank a beer not knowing it would be her last. Grill up those burgers for the father who never made it home to his family and will never grill again. Eat that patriotic cake for the mom that will never bake again for her kids.

Finally, let’s celebrate this day for them. I promise you, it is what they would have wanted.

It’s hard not getting choked up about the ones we have lost along the way but we all should be living a life they would have been proud of.

To the families of the fallen, I salute you and continue to pray for you.

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