Why I Didn’t Buy The HomePod

You know me, when Apple releases a new product, I jump on the bandwagon. This time, I did not.

Apple finally released the Apple HomePod. This is Apple’s premier speaker that everyone is comparing to the Google Home and Amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.57.06 PM

For $350, this speaker is going to be a really good audio device. I currently do not have a Bluetooth speaker. I am either listening to podcasts or music through my iPhone X speakers, AirPods or in my car. It has crossed my mind to buy a speaker but the maximum I would spend would be around $200. Yes, supposedly this speaker is very high quality, but that is it. To me, that $350 is not worth it to me. Im not 100% against spending that kind of money on a speaker but I want it to be smart. Enter Siri.

Siri is still Siri. If Siri is ever updated, that is when I will spend the extra money on one of Apple’s speakers. The great thing about this device’s smarts, and Siri, is that it can all be updated through software. I don’t expect there to be sequels to the HomePod nearly as often as most of Apple’s products. I really just hope Apple starts paying more attention to Siri as Google and Amazon has done with their platforms.

Sorry HomePod, I’m not saying never, just not today.

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Images courtesy of Apple.com

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