Review: Jolt Emergency Charger

The Jolt emergency charger is an on-the-go disposable battery. At first glance, you may wonder, why would I need something like this? One practical scenario that I have thought about is keeping a couple of these in a vehicle in case of an emergency situation that you need a quick charge. I usually carry around a battery pack but having one of these, like all of those napkins in your console, could really come in clutch.

First off, my Jolt experience was not off to a good start. The first charger I used, charged my phone up 3% and shut off. That left a bad taste in my mouth but I decided to give another one a shot.

Jolt packages these little guys in its own individually wrapped packages.

Jolt claims that it will charge your battery up to 20%. For my test, I used my iPhone X and started my charging at 74%. For the record, I was not using my phone at the time and had all of my apps closed. After 26 minutes, it stopped charging and it raised my iPhone X’s battery by 10%, up to 84%.

For what this is, and what they claim, Jolt does the job. Granted, it doesn’t charge up your phone a full 20%, which isn’t the smartest thing to claim since every phone has a different size battery. In a pinch, or emergency, this is definitely a welcomed accessory to keep by your side, just in case.

Jolt also offers chargers for devices that use Micro-USB.

Pick up yours at

Disclaimer – Jolt was kind enough to send me this product to test out.

Let me know on Instagram or Twitter if you plan on picking these up!

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