Apple’s Quiet Release

Yesterday, March 21st, Apple came out with some new products.

Early in the day, Apple shut down the online Apple Store saying it would be down until 5am Pacific Time.  This is usually a good clue that new products are arriving.  Shortly after 5am the store was back up and running with little to no surprises.

Which is fine.  I am glad they didn’t fly out everyone to Cupertino for a small release.  This was very much an upgrade day.


About the only announcement that got people talking, even my non-techy friends messaged me about it, was the (Product) RED iPhone.  After months of rumors, yes, we finally have a red iPhone!  I do have to say, if I was in the market for a new iPhone 7, I would probably bite the bullet on this one.  It looks fantastic.  But…the front.  Apple went with a white front. WHY!?  A black front would of been so much nicer.  Oh well. At least we got a red iPhone, right?

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus go on sale Friday, March 24th.

The iPhone SE also got a nice upgrade.  Apple doubled the the storage on the smaller iPhone to 32GB and 128Gb all while keeping the prices the same.  The iPhone SE is still one of the better buys when it comes to Apple devices.

According to Apple’s website, this also will be available to order the morning of March 24th.


Next up, Apple announced a “new” iPad.  Guess what it is called? iPad. Plain and simple.

This iPad is replacing the current iPad Air 2.  They kept most of the specs the same, coming from the iPad Air 2.  They did put a new, faster A9 processor in the new iPad.  The funny thing about this iPad is that they made it a tad thicker and heavier.  I would of thought they would at least keep the slim size of the Air.  I guess that is why this is the “iPad”.

The best thing, in my opinion, is the price.  The 32GB (YAY, no 16GB!) starts at $329 for the wifi model and $429 for the 128GB option.  Those are perfect prices for someone to get introduced into the Apple ecosystem.  For someone who doesn’t need the Pro models, these will be a fantastic buy.  Shoot, I am still rocking my Air 2 and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The iPad goes on sale March 24th.


Apple did sneak in a nice little accessory lineup.

They refreshed pretty much all of the Apple Watch bands to some extent.  You can now purchase the Nike Apple Watch bands separately from the Nike edition of the Watch.

I love cases. Particularly the Apple branded leather cases.  So I was pretty stoked seeing some new options that I will probably be picking up.

They added three new colors for the leather cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:  Berry, Taupe, and Sapphire (pictured below in order).

Along with the leather cases, they added a couple of more colors to their silicone cases:  Camellia, Pebble and Azure.

I dont have too much more to say about all of it.  Again, this wasn’t a huge release, which we shouldn’t of expected it to be.  I am excited for a red iPhone, the iPad is a good price and we got some cool cases and watch bands.

Thanks for visiting.  See you soon!

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