(How To) Delete Multiple Contacts on iOS

Something that I wish that was native in iOS, is the ability to delete multiple contacts from the phone.  Without a computer, you have to click the contact, click edit, scroll to the bottom and click delete.  That is a fine implementation but not if you need to clean house and get rid of all of those people you haven’t spoken to from high school or three jobs ago.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete this daunting task.

Step 1:

Download Groups from the App Store.  This app is free and needed to do this.

Step 2:

Open up the Groups application.

Step 3:

Click “All Contacts”

Step 4:

Click on the circle to the left of every contact that you want to delete.

Step 5:

Click “Choose Action” in red at the very top.

Step 6:

Click “Delete Contacts” and you will see a dialog box asking if you are sure about this. Click on, in red, “Remove from my iPhone!”

All done! Pretty easy huh? Again, this is something Apple should implement into their iOS software out of the box in my opinion because a lot of people could/would use it.

If you found this useful, share it with your friends and family.

See you soon!

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