Why Apple?

I feel like I have to explain my Apple fascination when talking to those who have never used such device. 

I have an iPhone (of course), iPad Air 2 (watching Supergirl,above), Apple Watch Series 2, 2012 MacBook Pro and an Apple TV all of which I use pretty consistently. 

The thing I love about Apple is how it all talks to one another. AirPlaying a football game from my iPhone to my Apple TV and need to text? No problem. I pick up my iPad and I have all of my messages right there and ready to go.  The same goes for my MacBook. While I don’t use my MacBook as much as my other products, when I do, texting and using iMessage on my Mac is fantastic. I mean who wouldn’t want to send texts from a full keyboard!? 

I just don’t have to think about much when I’m using them. I pick them up and they work how I want them. 

I played with a lot of Android phones this past year and I always end up back on my iPhone. Mainly because  of iMessage. Apple reeled me (and a lot of others)  in and won’t let us go. Apple created a problem and unfortunately hinders some of us who want to try out different platforms. But that is a rant for a different day. 

My iPad is my buddy. Before I got my 7 Plus, I used my iPad for everything. Now I feel bad that I’m neglecting it in favor of my bigger sized phone. I think once I’ve worn out the novelty of the bigger phone, I’ll end up relying on my iPad a lot more, again. 

I found the Apple TV later than most people and it is one Apple product that really isn’t reliant on my other Apple products. Yes, my iTunes purchases are there (which isn’t a lot). And I can AirPlay (mirror the screen of my iPhone or iPad). But I honestly don’t use that feature too much. I do enjoy it for what it is. It makes me wonder whether I would be just as happy with a Fire Stick from Amazon? 

Finally, my Apple Watch. I think the Apple Watch is my most underutilized gadgets. I always tell people, if I left it at home and was halfway to work, I wouldn’t turn around to go get it like I would my phone. It’s a watch. Definitely my favorite watch.  It is essentially a hub for all of my notifications on my wrist. It does everything it should and I’m ok with that. Today for instance, I’ve been lounging around the house and haven’t put it on once. When I go to dinner tonight I’ll probably throw it on. Was it worth the $400? Good question. I hope to find that value one of these days to wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. 

These things are pretty impressive. Most of my friends use Android devices and PC’s. That is A-OK. I love technology and that I am fortunate enough to have these products. I’m happy that we have the choices that we have and can choose whichever technology we like. I’d like to hear what you all use in your day to day lives ! Let me know on twitter @themealyapple or in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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