All of the Updates

Today Apple released iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. Before updating to the latest software, please backup your devices: iPhone and iPad - Apple Watch - While you are here, check out the following reviews of the newest software to learn everything that is new! iOS 14 - Christopher Lawley… Continue reading All of the Updates

Apple Event – September 2020

The Apple event I look forward to every year looked a little different today. No iPhones. If you read any of the rumors and rumblings leading up to the event, you wouldn’t be surprised that there were no iPhones today. During an earnings call a few weeks ago, Apple gave investors a heads up that… Continue reading Apple Event – September 2020

Expanded Notifications in Notification Center on iPhone SE

Back when the iPhone SE was released in April of this year, there was an uproar from journalists and consumers that the new device abandoned Haptic Touch to expand notifications in the Notification Center. And rightfully so. I love this feature to quickly reply to text messages. Currently, on iOS 13, you have to swipe… Continue reading Expanded Notifications in Notification Center on iPhone SE